Part #1: The Future of Consumer Tech According to Bateman Group

This is the first in a series of posts on Bateman Banter focused on each of our portfolio practice areas, including key trends powering that area and their most promising companies. If we had to choos... Read the story

Bateman Group’s Client Spotlight 9.11.2015

The end of summer is shaping up to be ... Read the story

Actionable Tips for Aligning Content and Social Media Efforts

As content marketing continues to take... Read the story

Office Dogs and Culture: A Montage

On Monday, my team here in New York found out that my dog Hudson would not be with us for the rest of the summer. This elicited an immediate and raw emotional response. I knew he was loved, but I had ... Read the story

We’re Hiring Creative, Strategic PR Pros

At Bateman Group, we paint outside the... Read the story

Bateman Group’s Client Spotlight 7.31.2015

This week’s client spotlight fea... Read the story

What’s Happening in the World of Native Advertising?

Here at Bateman Group, one of our practice areas is media and marketing — technology that helps brands and publishers connect with their audiences. In an effort to keep our ears to the ground, a fe... Read the story

Write Like You Mean It: 16 Tips to Revamp Your Process

“The great enemy of clear language i... Read the story

5 Content Marketing Roadblocks — And How to Surpass Them

Content marketing has graduated. Three... Read the story

Demystifying the Dark Art of Data Science — An Interview

At the intersection of media and technology, we hear quite a lot about data science. The Harvard Business Review has called it “the sexiest job of the 21st century,” Fortune has reported that sala... Read the story

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San Francisco

With lots of space to think and play, our San Francisco headquarters sits in the heart of the city. Here you'll work with PR industry leaders and clients ranging from the world's top technology brands to the next tech upstarts.

1550 Bryant Street, Suite 450
San Francisco CA 94103-4832
Phone: 415.503.1818
Fax: 415.503.1880

For new business inquires, please contact:

New York

Located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO our New York office is our first step towards global expansion. You'll work with world-changing technology companies like Recyclebank and learn from some of the top talent in PR.

45 Main St, Suite 617
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 347.410.7983

For new business inquires, please contact: