Bateman Brooklyn: All Grown Up!

At long last, Bateman Brooklyn has finally settled into our new office space at 20 Jay Street in DUMBO (stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, not this). The delay of this post, aside from some crazy client work, was that we were waiting for the artwork for the office to arrive so our walls wouldn’t be naked in photos- but it has finally arrived and been hung.

Here are some before and after shots of our office to give you a perspective of what we were working with–we walked into a huge empty rectangle with a ton of wall space, beautiful views of the Manhattan Bridge, and nothing else!

We’ve brought in the traditional Bateman orange (the color of genius!), but highlighted it with shades of blue. And of course we’ve included the World War Two British propaganda poster Keep Calm and Carry On.  While admittedly overplayed from a design perspective, it’s still a great mantra for PR people to follow, especially when we see news like this.

Here are some post-decoration shots to give you a feel of the Brooklyn vibe. We aren’t finished, but we are getting close!

This is such a huge step in our growth process and establishing the Brooklyn office.  We are thrilled to be here, and have our doors open for visitors from our San Francisco office and our client base!