Bateman Group’s Weekly Client Spotlight

Happy Holidays from Team Bateman! This year Santa arrived early and distributed just what Bateman Group wanted: Solid and steady media coverage for our clients. Last week, Bateman clients were featured in a range of publications from The Wall Street Journal and Forbes to Buzzfeed and TechCrunch. The stories below include a Recyclebank “Movember” list within BuzzFeed; AppAnnie’s report of a changing of the guard in Forbes; and a Qualys Patch Tuesday coverage in TechCrunch. Thoughts? Sound off below!

9 Reasons Your Movember Beard Is Good For The Planet,” BuzzFeed – BuzzFeed drove some great traffic for Recyclebank in the past so the team steered one clever idea into the home garage. The Recyclebank team created this BuzzFeed article as part of everyone’s favorite hirsute November media campaign.

Japan Tops World in Mobile Apps Revenue,” The Wall Street Journal – Dispatches from the land of the Rising Sun: App Annie released a report that Japan passed the U.S. as the top spender in the apps market. Developers will likely focus more intensely on the app markets in response to the growing popularity of mobile transactions.

Adchemy looks to solve keyword overload,” MediaPost – Adchemy”s main mission atoledo is to connect retailers with customers” searches. This seemingly innocuous task is easier said than done as retailers must manually input tens of thousands of keywords and then observe their performance as a campaign continues. This week, MediaPost spotlighted Adchemy”s new software solution to make connecting with customers easy and unbelievable useful.

Microsoft Debuts Another Set of Surface Updates and Patches,” TechCrunch – Qualys insight on Microsoft Patch Tuesday was featured in TechCrunch. Analysis of 2013 Patch Tuesday trends as well as the stats on the upcoming discontinuation of Windows XP updates were highlighted.

“Tyson Foods Taps Analytics To Improve Retailer Relationships, Boost Sales, Retail Touch Points – The article is a case study of Tyson Foods and details the company’s use of Quri to gain on-shelf visibility, ensure shelves are properly stocked, and to get access to real-time, actionable analytics. [Tyson] spoke very positively about Quri, mentioning, “Very few times you get a new tool to work with that everyone understands immediately.”