Bateman Hosts Reporter Happy Hour

The Bateman Group’s Rod McLeod showed his mad cocktail mixing skillz when the drink orders backed up. Rumor has it he’s great with “On Background.”

Every day, we at the Bateman Group are on the phone with journalists, sending them emails and chatting over IM. But we all know there’s nothing like a face-to-face over some drinks to break the ice.

Last week we held the first ever Bateman Group Reporter’s Happy Hour at Harlot SF in SOMA and let’s just say ice was broken. A bunch of CNET reporters and editors (and my former colleagues) — Charles Cooper, Leslie Katz, Seth Rosenblatt, Daniel Terdiman, Donna Tam, Josh Lowensohn, Casey Newton and Jennifer Guevin Krazit, walked the three long blocks to the bar from the headquarters of CBS Interactive.

Other journalists included Don Clark of The Wall Street Journal, Miguel Helft of Fortune, Mark Boslet of Reuters, Bob McMillan of Wired, David Hamilton of ReadWrite, Jack Clark of The Register and Matt Rosoff of CITEworld. And Owen Thomas of Business Insider brought the most anticipated guest of all, his faithful dog Ramona.

The trusty bartender, “Z”, reports that although there was a full bar, the three specialty cocktails were in high demand:

This was just the first of these happy hours we’ll be hosting for our friends in the media. Stay tuned.