A Mixer for Good: Bateman Introduces Community Partners to Reporters at SPiN SF

Earlier this month, our friends from Fast Company, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, KQED, Mashable, The Parallax, The New Stack, PCWorld, IDG, and TechTarget joined us at SPiN SF to mingle — and play ping pong — with a handful of beneficiaries of Bateman Group’s monthly E3thos grants.

Bateman Group E3thos mixer

Our E3thos friends earned the spotlight of the evening, and were each recognized for the important work they do to keep the Bay Area safe, artistic and livable:

Bateman Group E3thos mixer

Conversations skewed toward what folks are doing to engage with their local communities. We learned about Alex Handy’s Oakland-based Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE), Blair Hanley Frank’s urban planning concerns related to autonomous vehicles, and Jack Madden’s plans to teach classical music as a volunteer in San Francisco public schools.

We often encourage our technology clients to amplify the “human” elements of their stories. This mixer was a reminder that people connect through personal motivations and contributions. We were happy to learn about how some of our closest reporters give back and to make connections that will advance the missions of our nonprofit partners.

Bateman Group E3thos mixer

A special shout out to SPiN SF who, on a day of giving, donated their venue to us, and allowed these connections happen in a fun environment.

Thank you to our friends who attended and to the organizations they represent for their support of the Bay Area community.