Our Moral GPS

E3THOS is Bateman Group’s shared commitment
to building a mindful business.


E3THOS is Bateman Group’s shared commitment to building a mindful business. It’s our moral GPS, guiding how we treat each other, how we give back to our community and how we approach our business practices.

We were inspired by the 1-1-1 philanthropy model created by salesforce.com, which is now adopted by more than 100 global businesses today. E3THOS is the manifestation of our own 2-2-2 model. We pledge 2 percent of our profits, up to 2 percent of our time and 2 percent of partner equity to support the following causes.



Our commitment to programs and services that empower our local communities with critical access to arts, culture, education, mentorship, technology, healthcare and the opportunity to thrive.



Our commitment to fostering innovative ideas, products, services and business models through greater diversity.



Our commitment to environmental stewardship through investing in our own green business practices and supporting innovative programs to preserve our planet and all living things within it.

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San Francisco

With lots of space to think and play, our San Francisco headquarters sits in the heart of the city. Here you'll work with PR industry leaders and clients ranging from the world's top technology brands to the next tech upstarts.

1550 Bryant Street, Suite 450
San Francisco CA 94103-4832
Phone: 415.503.1818
Fax: 415.503.1880

For new business inquires, please contact: sfnewbiz@bateman-group.com

New York

Located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO our New York office is our first step towards global expansion. You'll work with world-changing technology companies like Recyclebank and learn from some of the top talent in PR.

45 Main St, Suite 617
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 347.410.7983

For new business inquires, please contact: nycnewbiz@bateman-group.com