10 Newsletters for Staying Informed and Curious

“What newsletters do you read?”

Ask a PR pro this question and you’re guaranteed an immediate (and impassioned!) response. We’ve curated a list of the Bateman Group team’s go-tos for keeping up with the latest stories, getting inspiration, having a midday laugh and thinking big.

Axios AM: “I find Axios is the best at pulling out the most important pieces of a story and contextualizing why I should care. Its smart and brief format is great and often links to longer-form pieces. Mike Allen, formerly of Politico, highlights the top stories you should have your eye on for the day. *Bonus* There’s also a PM edition!”– John Thomey

The Wall Street Journal Pro Cybersecurity: “The WSJ gets a lot of great perspective from CISOs about their security challenges, risks, attacks, strategies and so on. This is a must-read to understand the C-level view of cyber.” – Elinor Mills

Social Capital Snippets: “The weekly newsletter from VC firm Social Capital curates a good mix of tech stories, broader news, interviews and long-form articles. Each issue has a theme and includes commentary about a topic that impacts the world of tech, whether it’s an analysis of the founder’s role in Silicon Valley or an overview of the drone technology involved in replanting trees.” – Lauren Scherr

Fortune raceAhead: “In just a week, raceAhead can cover topics from the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights to what it means to feel welcome at work and George H.W. Bush’s legacy. It doesn’t shy away from tough topics but always comes back to empathy. When I get caught up in deadlines and pitching, reading it feels like an invitation to get a breath of perspective.” – Julia Kelson

Quartz Obsession: “This newsletter pops into your inbox in the afternoon for mid-day relief, diving into facts and figures about the most random topics, from the history of cardboard to the cubicle.” – Elise Chambers

SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs / Leadership / Your Career: “Short descriptions let me move through stories quickly and have sparked many new proactive pitch ideas. The Careers newsletter curates interesting stories that help me do my job better as a PR professional.” *Bonus* – They’re pitchable! If you’ve got a great hit that could be a fit, pitch it to a relevant SmartBrief editor for a shot at a widely read syndication.” – Alexis-Brianna Felix

MIT Tech Review The Download: “I love how it starts with long-form summaries and leads to the day’s Ten Fascinating Things: short sentences summarizing each idea, links to learn more and additional angles to consider. It ends with a quote of the day, which is another fun and unique way to consume news. I would be remiss not to mention the layout: clean, intuitive and friendly to both skimmers and in-depth readers.”– Sammi Ezrilov

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