Bateman Group’s 2018 Management Offsite: Articulating our Purpose

To kick off the new year, Bateman Group’s senior management team convened in Sonoma for our annual offsite. This year, we focused on the theme of “Purpose,” both as individuals and as an agency. In a year that proved difficult for many, tying our offsite to this theme felt significant. The social, political and global climates have been exhausting no matter what side you’re on, and so many of us (not just at Bateman Group) have found solace in our work and by doing what we love.

And, while our team at Bateman Group had much to celebrate over the past year — new clients, great hires and some pretty amazing accolades — we know we can’t keep doing our best work if we aren’t evolving as individuals and as a collective.

The offsite provided a forum for us to reflect, share ideas and articulate our path forward. We participated in exercises to help each manager at Bateman Group better understand what makes them unique leaders, discussed some of the ways we plan to grow in the coming years, and also set goals for different areas of the business. This included our account practice groups and internal business initiatives, such as diversity and inclusion, professional development, marketing and our E3thos program.

One of the biggest highlights of our two days together had little to do with Bateman Group at all. Since we were in an area recently devastated by fires, for the first time we decided to incorporate our ethos of giving back into the offsite. We partnered with the awesome folks at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Sonoma County, who hosted us for several hours of volunteer work. We carried bookshelves, cleaned window panes, sorted thousands of nuts and bolts, moved crates and everything in between. At first, seeing the job before us felt insurmountable, but it was truly amazing what we accomplished together in just a few hours. Talk about purpose!

Here are a few photos from the day.