Bateman Group Brooklyn’s Strong Finish with Big Brothers Big Sisters


Five high school freshmen and sophomores from City Polytechnic High School of Engineering, Architecture and Technology in Brooklyn visited our office for the final program session to respond to a big prompt — “Tell me about yourself.”

As part of Bateman Group’s E3THOS program, the Brooklyn team joined forces with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York’s STARS program, a workplace mentorship program, and planned a five-session curriculum to help the students learn how to tell their personal stories. During the first session, we discussed the value of storytelling, and the second session covered how to write catchy openers for personal statements.

By the third session, we shared some embarrassing social media profiles that were too negative, personal, unprofessional or oversaturated with selfies. After the students taught Bateman Group employees about some newer social media sites (we’ve never felt so old and uncool), we introduced them to LinkedIn to help promote their professional and academic experiences. Together, we built a mock profile for Beyonce before diving into individual ones.

The fourth lesson touched on public speaking. Matt performed examples of poor speaking habits (e.g., slouching, mumbling, avoiding eye contact) while Elissa acted out a few postures that you should avoid (e.g., petting an invisible hamster, or standing with hands on hips like Peter Pan). Then the students presented short speeches and provided peer feedback.

After recapping tips and tricks from the previous four sessions, students were ready to give their final presentations responding to the prompt, “tell me about yourself.” Armed with captivating openers and organized ideas, they presented to the class while we filmed each speech. Then each student watched themselves privately, with Tyler and Steph, who gave similar feedback they would to clients during media training. Each student stood prouder, spoke louder and told their heartfelt stories with more confidence than when they first stepped through our office doors. Their progress inspired all of us.

School’s out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the fun-filled mentorship program. On September 17th, we will meet back up with our group in Prospect Park for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC Race for the Kids, part of the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play. We hope to raise $4,000, which will be used to help fund more mentorship programs, college tours and SAT prep. If you’d like to contribute to the cause, visit Bateman Group’s team page. We look forward to crossing the finish line with our Big Brothers Big Sisters team, and hope our mentorship program sparks inspiration for more stories in their bright futures.