Inc. Magazine Names Bateman Group to Inaugural 50 Best Places to Work


On news stands now in the June print edition of Inc. Magazine are the first 50 winners of Inc. Magazine’s inaugural 50 Best Places to Work listing — their answer to Fortune Magazine’s Annual Best Companies to Work for, but focused on companies with less than 500 employees. It’s my pleasure to announce that Bateman Group was chosen as one of these elite 50 winners from hundreds of applicants across North America.

To find the true innovators in managing and motivating people, the editors at Inc. Magazine audited more than 500 companies that completed online applications in February and March. To be eligible, applicants had to have been in business at least three years, have between five and 500 employees, be based in the United States, and be independent and privately owned, with 2015 revenue of at least $2 million.

Companies were scored in three main areas:

1. Wallet and workplace (30% of the score): How well companies look after their staff’s financial security through retirement, insurance and other financial benefits as well as work arrangements that increase employee satisfaction, such as flextime and unlimited vacation time.

2. Employee feedback (34% of the score): The best companies by this measure go to great lengths to capture, understand and act upon insights from their staff. Companies were scored on the design of their systems, the depth of their insights, and the thoroughness of their follow-up.

3. Performance innovation (36% of the score): Companies that take special measures to motivate and recognize employee performance.

Quite a rigorous vetting method, to say the least. Clearly, Inc.’s 50 Best Places to Work listing will rise to become one of the most prestigious national workplace award recognitions in existence. To be selected in its debut year is an honor that elevates the Bateman brand and our carefully crafted workplace culture to another stratosphere entirely. This is exciting, but not what motivated us to submit for the listing. We liked that Inc. Magazine wanted its inaugural list of the 50 Best Work­places to “honor a group of companies that make the happiness of their employees a prime goal,” which describes our raison d’etre perfectly! That’s us. Bateman Group — making employee happiness a primary business objective since around 2003 or 2004 depending on who you ask.

Special shout out to Kwabena Stefan and Sarah Spitz in Bateman’s Brooklyn office for their unwavering commitment to the agency awards pursuits the last couple of years. Your work and determination have delivered a volume of finalists slots, honorable mentions and award wins unsurpassed by any other PR agency, like, ever. I can’t prove this, but it sure feels like that. I can say confidently that the agency punches a couple of classes above our weight as a direct result of your stellar work. Thank you for that. And thank you to the fine people at Inc. Magazine and their partner for the audit, Quantum Workplace, for recognizing something special when you see it.