Media Moves: Week of November 13

It’s been a busy week in media moves with changes at The Information, WIRED, MIT Tech Review, Slate, Quartz, Business Insider and others. Read on for updates in technology and business media before heading out for Thanksgiving break.

Media on the Move

  • Barb Darrow is leaving Fortune and is said to be freelancing.
  • Aaron Tilley is leaving Forbes and going to The Information to cover chips, hardware and AI.
  • Taylor Lorenz is leaving The Hill and joining The Daily Beast to cover technology.
  • Jeffrey Van Camp, who has been the deputy managing editor for Digital Trends, has joined WIRED as a senior writer, covering product reviews and guides.
  • Gideon Lichfield is leaving Quartz, and has been named editor in chief of the MIT Technology Review.
  • New York Times has launched a new video series entitled Internetting with Amanda Hess. Amanda was previously a staff writer for Slate.
  • David Kaufman is joining Quartz as global lifestyle editor.
  • Noël Duan is joining Quartz as a reporter focused on fashion and beauty.
  • Annaliese Griffin is joining Quartz as a reporter focused on food.
  • Rosie Spinks has joined Quartz as a reporter focused on travel, based in London.
  • Hilary Brueck has joined Business Insider where she covers science topics.
  • Byron Reese is the host of the new podcast, Voices in AI, where he will be discussing artificial intelligence.