Top 10 Reporter Reactions to the Apple Watch Event

While there was some other news, the clear star of today’s Apple event was the Apple Watch. We first heard about the Apple Watch back in September 2014 and today finally got more details on the device, which a Cantor Fitzgerald analyst projected will become “the best selling, new product category (in first 12 months of availability) in Apple’s history.”

Since the Apple Watch is the first new product category for the Cupertino powerhouse since the passing of Steve Jobs, it’s no surprise Twitter was more than ripe with commentary from Apple lovers—and of course reporters.

Missed the Twitter firestorm? Here are the top 10 tweets from reporters that caught our eye of both the humorous and more serious variety. If you want more details, USA Today also has a good recap of everything announced and key highlights from the event.

While there weren’t many “oohs” and “aahs” from reporters, that really isn’t much of a surprise since the Watch was unveiled many months ago. As you can tell, today’s reactions veered more to critique around the actual specs and the jaw-dropping prices for higher-end models. Wall Street’s reaction was just as tepid: according to USA Today, this was the worst response from investors to any major Apple launch since the iPod announcement 14 years ago.

The Watch verdict is in: the verdict is still out.

Photo credit: Apple