The Month in Digital: 3 Trends for Marketers to Watch

Bateman Group is always on the lookout for digital and social trends that influence how people connect with each other and with content. The industry moves quickly, and we love the pace — it keeps us on our toes. As we expand our digital group led by VP of Digital Strategy Caleb Bushner, we’re sharing our thoughts on the fast-changing world of digital and social through Bateman Group’s Month in Digital. You can expect a monthly recap of the latest in digital news, our take on these trends, and what it all means for marketers and PR pros. We may even include a meme or two.

In July, we watched as Instagram rolled out IGTV, Facebook and Twitter added a new layer of transparency to political ads, and tech giants doubled down on “Time Well Spent.” Read on for our analysis of the latest digital shifts and how they impact the world of marketing and PR.

Instagram Announces IGTV

News: Instagram announced a standalone app called IGTV. The new app is home to videos up to an hour in length.

Our POV: IGTV could shift the balance of social media screen time. Consider IGTV a major competitor for YouTube, Snapchat and even Twitch. We think Facebook is trying to make Instagram (and IGTV) the hub from which influencers build their fanbase. This could hinder the usefulness of YouTube and Twitter, and propel the early adopters who get it right.

What this means for you: If you’re about to do a large video or influencer campaign, take a pause to see how IGTV could fit within your strategy. If you’re looking to identify new influencers, this could become a valuable place to start.

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Transparency in Social Ads

News: Facing a new era with GDPR and backlash about the 2016 election, Facebook and Twitter launched the ability to learn about who runs which ads on their platforms.

Our POV: This could presage an era of increased accountability and even regulation of social platforms. If this leads to breaking up the duopoly, it could have MAJOR implications for the way brand messages are distributed online.

What this means for you: Two main things to note: 1. This dramatically simplifies the competitive research process 2. Make sure your social advertising ducks are in a row. Chances are your brand isn’t doing anything unsavory with its copy or ad targeting, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

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Is “Humane Tech” the Next Tech Revolution?

News: TED Talks. WSJ covers. The media’s new darlings are Silicon Valley insiders trying to instill a code of ethics around tech companies and the way they operate.

Our POV: The idea of designing products for “Time Well Spent” has quickly gone from a fringe idea to being fundamental to the next iOS design. The Center for Humane Tech has built a powerful movement that tech leaders should pay careful attention to.

What this means for you: Expect more discussion on this topic, and tech leaders willing to take a stand will have lots of reporters eager to discuss.

Netflix Takes a Bite out of IHOB

Before you go, here’s an example of what happens when you combine creative social teams and popular culture.The web had a field day when IHOP changed its name to IHOB: International House of Burgers. Consumers rolled their eyes and savvy brands got into it, too. Our favorite was Netflix, heckling: “brb, changing my name to Netflib.”


We’re still laughing at Netflix’s response, and we’d love to hear what you think— about IHOB and the world of digital overall. Drop us a line. We’re @BatemanGroupPR on Twitter and Instagram, and you can also reach us at