Using Humor to Engage Influencers and Target Buyers


Baynote, a leading provider of e-commerce software solutions, pioneered the online personalization market. However, as the personalization marketplace matured, competition for mindshare became fierce. In order to differentiate itself from a crowded and increasingly commoditized field of players, Baynote needed to engage its target audience in a way that would garner a stronger pride of association with its brand.


The Bateman Group partnered with famed “Marketoonist” Tom Fishburne to develop a social content series for e-tailers related to their use of personalization. Tom’s unique background as a marketer from his previous role as a VP at Method Products made him the perfect choice, as he was not only a talented artist, but also deeply understood the business challenges in play. Bateman worked with Tom to develop a series of fifteen cartoons that lampooned common challenges e-retailers face related to personalization. Each “marketoon” served as an original platform for Baynote to highlight an industry issue and provide colorful insight into how its customers are solving that problem.

The series, entitled, “Intent to Buy,” was published on Baynote’s Blog approximately every other week over the course of the seven-month campaign. Bateman Group promoted each marketoon the day it went live, and coordinated with Tom to leverage his following of more than 100,000 subscribers to interact and engage with the content across social channels. Bateman Group also secured syndication partnerships for the entire series in several top digital marketing trade publications including iMedia Connection and ADOTAS, as well as retail trade publication Retail TouchPoints.


In addition to helping Baynote standout among a crowded field of personalization vendors, the campaign proved to be an excellent engine for driving quality traffic back to the company’s website. The “marketoons” drove more than 10,000 unique visitors to with total social media impressions exceeding one million. The campaign also helped Baynote create a stronger pride of association with its employees, which had a positive impact on talent recruitment and retention during a pivotal time of growth.

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