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Founded in 2005, Los Altos-based Guardian Analytics is a provider of anti-fraud software for financial institutions. Guardian came to the Bateman Group in 2007 with the task of launching the company publicly and helping them steadily increase visibility in order to generate demand for its solution. Since the company sells just one solution that caters to a niche market, the Bateman Group has been challenged with minimal product news announcements throughout the three year relationship, but has come up with creative and effective ways to make Guardian Analytics relevant to the marketplace and give the company a “larger than life” image.



Straight out of the gate, the Bateman Group launched Guardian Analytics to a warm reception. Through a national media and analyst tour that drove coverage in all of the trade publications that mattered most, Guardian was introduced to the market with a big bang. During the following year, we worked with Guardian to establish their position in the marketplace by ensuring they were attending the right events, generating a steady stream of news, and actively participating in the social media conversation about the growing problems of online fraud.

Our momentum strategy also focused heavily on customer case studies and thought leadership. Because there are hundreds of security companies clamoring to be the “expert,” we had to get creative in how we reached out to press and establish Guardian as a trusted resource. To help reporters tell the stories about what is really happening in the trenches at financial institutions we worked with Guardian Analytics to create “Fraud Informers” – regular newsletters written by the executive team that provide insight into issues that banks are having but not willing to talk publicly about. By anonymizing the stories and providing useful tips for financial institutions to follow to solve these issues, we published a series of Fraud Informers in 2009 and the company’s visibility grew with each one.

To definitively leapfrog the competition and extend Guardian’s thought leadership position, we engaged the Ponemon Institute on an independent survey around the growing threat of online banking fraud to SMBs. We worked closely with Dr. Larry Ponemon to conceptualize, create, and analyze the results of the 2010 Business Banking Trust Study, and released the results at the largest security event of the year: RSA 2010. The team secured over two dozen feature articles in publications such as USA Today (cover story), Los Angeles Times and BankInfoSecurity.


By recognizing the peaks and valleys that Guardian Analytics and their industry were experiencing and responding with the appropriate strategy, we were able to take less conventional approaches that delivered optimal results. Today Guardian is the leader in their market and widely viewed as a reputable resource on banking fraud. The company’s CEO Terry Austin is regularly asked to comment on hot trends by outlets including USA Today, Financial Times, and American Banker. Most recently, Terry and Guardian Analytics were featured in a segment that ran on PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, where he was interviewed to explain how fraud attacks happen, and what banks, businesses and consumers can do to combat it. The icing on the cake was that Terry’s demonstration of their flagship product, FraudMAP was featured on the show.

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