When Kapow Software came to the Bateman Group in 2009, their goal was to break away from the nascent and relatively small market of enterprise mashups, where industry analysts had pigeonholed the company. Kapow’s vision and disruptive approach to automatically extracting, cleaning and integrating any type of Web data has transformative business potential for the Fortune 1000. The company’s positioning and associated competitive set needed to reflect this. Engaging with the industry analyst community would be critical to achieving this goal. Kapow’s limited marketing budget, however, prevented the company from retaining any of the larger research firms like Gartner and Forrester, requiring a highly targeted and creative approach.


Working with independent analyst and ZDNet blogger Dana Gardner, the Bateman Group produced an integrated 3-part roundtable podcast series featuring several well-known industry analysts handpicked to help elevate Kapow’s position and validate the emerging market of “Web data services”. These outside influencers included Jim Kobielus of Forrester; Gartner’s Howard Dresner, commonly known as the godfather of business intelligence (BI); and text analytics analyst Seth Grimes. While these analysts typically charge a premium for roundtables and webinars, we mobilized them around an opportunity to help shape a disruptive market category and convinced all of them to participate for free.

The Bateman Group liaised with Kapow and the guest analysts to create compelling themes and discussion points for each podcast, which dissected the strategic value of Web data services across a variety of business applications, such as BI and predictive analytics. These assets, which Kapow also used to capture leads by having prospects register for the content on their own site, are included below:

Web data services extend business intelligence depth and breadth across social, mobile, web domains, Part 1 of 3, ZDNet, Sept. 21, 2009

Web data services provide ease of data access and distribution from variety of sources, destinations, Part 2 of 3, ZDNet, Oct. 5, 2009

Web data services: Here’s why text-based content access and management plays crucial role in real-time BI, Part 3 of 3, ZDNet, Nov. 9, 2009

Finally, Bateman engaged each of these thought leaders to collaborate on a Wikipedia definition for Web Data Services to bring even more legitimacy to this emerging category.


Content from the roundtable discussions was published on ZDNet and syndicated across over a dozen other popular IT media sites via multiple formats – blog, audio, and PDF of the transcript. Distributing the content in multiple formats had a dramatic impact on SEO, clearly aligning Kapow with Web data services and the related search terms addressed in the roundtable series. In a Google search for the term “web data services” the ZDNet podcasts, Wikipedia entry and Kapow Software corporate blog all rank in the top four organic search results.

As a result, Kapow was able to definitively break away from the smaller enterprise mashup market. What’s more, “Web data services” is now a commonly used phrase among the analyst community, pundits and influential IT editors to describe Kapow and their new market category. In the year the campaign was executed, Kapow signed over 100 new deals with Fortune 1000 companies, reinforcing that its new position was striking a chord with enterprise buyers.

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