Driving Mass Consumer Awareness


For the first few years of its existence, all of Recyclebank’s marketing and PR efforts were in support of its innovative curbside recycling rewards program, primarily focusing on local media opportunities to promote the service in each of the various cities and municipalities. This year, Recyclebank revamped its website and expanded its reach so that individual consumers everywhere could join the program and get rewarded for their green actions. Bateman Group’s main objective was to increase mass consumer awareness of the Recyclebank brand and the new ways the company rewards people for taking everyday green actions. To accomplish this goal, the team designed a campaign to make Recyclebank a household name among its primary audiences: general consumers, Fortune 500 brand partners and local cities and municipalities.


The strategy involved a major consumer media push to build buzz leading up to the launch of the “Green Your Home” Challenge, a nationwide consumer contest to be held during Earth Month (April 2011) designed to teach people how taking seemingly small green actions can collectively make a big environmental impact. The contest featured an online game that educated people through tips, pledges and challenges on how to live greener lifestyles and featured some amazing prizes, including a green kitchen makeover worth $18,000.

For the launch of the Green Your Home Challenge, Bateman Group went with a large-scale grassroots effort designed to take the contest viral. This entailed engaging with mom and green-living bloggers and online media to drive posts, tweets and mentions all over the social web. Once that was underway, we also negotiated a national media partnership with a well-known green-living expert to piggy-back on his planned broadcast appearances around Earth Day to capture the more mainstream consumer audience.

To broaden the reach of the story to Fortune 500 brand partners, the team linked the contest to a major trend, specifically gamification and the concept of gaming for good. In April, Recyclebank announced a partnership with Google and ROI Research to measure the effectiveness of a “gaming for good” campaign with the Green Your Home Challenge. Until then, no organization had attempted to measure the effectiveness of gamification. The Bateman team kept momentum going into the month of May by promoting the partnership and the final report after the Challenge was over.


Bateman Group secured mentions on Dr. Oz, The Nate Berkus Show and Access Hollywood to build buzz heading into the contest. Throughout the month, there were thousands of Tweets and 500 blog posts on the contest alone. In addition, Bateman Group secured several very high profile consumer broadcast hits, including The Today Show, the Ellen Show and CBS Early Show. Follow on consumer coverage included MTV News, Lifehacker and US Weekly.

On the corporate PR side of the campaign, CNET wrote an article about the partnership with Google and ROI Analytics, which was tweeted over 300 times, and we secured over a dozen high profile articles on the final report. The gaming for good thought leadership campaign continues, with recent highlights including a feature story in Inc. Magazine on incorporating game mechanics into your business, an Xconomy profile of the company’s incentive program and, finally, a New York Times profile by Stuart Elliot on the campaign approach.

More recently, Bateman Group helped the company launch their first mobile app with a program that rewards people for cycling and walking in London to help reduce pollution, ease congestion and boost fitness. Members use the mobile app to log every journey they make by bike or on foot and collect points. This news generated coverage in FAST COMPANY and on MSNBC. Today, the team continues to place in-depth corporate profiles on the company’s upward trajectory in publications like Forbes and GreenBiz.

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